Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vote Early and Vote Often

I nominated Matty Boy's blog "Lotsa 'Splainin' 2 Do" heah! So go there and vote for him.

We (Madpriest, Father Jake, Susan Russell, Padre Mickey, Richard, and Titus 1:10) are still ahead of the evil orthodox so-called!! But dem Cat'lics still be ahead. Bribe your friends and neighbors to vote for the True Anglican Slate™!


Jane R said...

Well, there be a lot more RCs than Anglicans in these here parts and others too, in case y'all hadn't noticed. But okay, we'll rustle up some votes... It's going to cost you in rum...

Note (totally unrelated, and this has complete ecumenical appeal): just put up total spring cuteness photo (of the animal kind) at Acts of Hope. Check it out. Aaaaaawwww.

Eileen said...

I voted! I voted! I even voted for Grandmere Mimi!

I See You!

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