Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Domingo Pasado en Parroquia San Cristóbal

Sunday we celebrated our Patronal Festival, la Fiesta de San Cristóbal, with a visit from our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Julio E. Murray. Seven young people were confirmed. The Bishop used some interesting visual aids with his sermon: he passed around small stones to everyone and also used bloques to illustrate the blocks used to build a church. He had volunteers write the name Jesús on the foundation stone and then invited them to write their own names on the other stones.

We had special music with Sean Murray (the Bishop's son) and Saúl Cáceres (Padre Cáceres' son) on steel-pan with Miguel Mazza on saxophone, the Lovely Mona on flute, Marcos on drums, Reynaldo Taylor on organ, and your's truly on bass. We played "How Great Thou Art" and "Oh Happy Day!" and it went quite well!

After church we had a Family Fair. We sold lots of food (Empanadas, Fish Cek, Padre's Killah Chili con Carne, Chicken and Ham with rice and either potato salad or mixed green salad, and lots of cakes) and we had games for the kids. I spent much of Friday and Saturday coming up with little kid games. We also had video games for the older kids, which the boys dominated, of course. Everyone had a wonderful time!

Here are photos.

The Bishop's Sermon









The Offertory

Saúl Cáceres y Sean Murray on steel-pan

The band






Ball toss

This game is a win-win. One picks a Bom Bom Bum from the tree. If it has a colour on the end of the stick, one wins a prize. If not, one has a Bom Bom Bum! Win Win!

Hi! Frow a ball at me!

Hungry people buying lots of food!

Playing games


Matty Boy said...

How is Mr. Staple doing? I saw someone else on the drums.

Padre Mickey said...

Mr. Staple is still in the hospital. He is in intensive care right now. He has a very serious infection in his body, especially in the draining tube in his head. The doctors are talking about bringing in some experts from the U.S. to help with this situation.

motheramelia said...

Love the pictures. Sure looks like a good time was had by all.

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