Saturday, November 05, 2011

¡Plenty Parades en Panamá!

WARNING! This post has A LOT of photos!
The Lovely Mona teaches beginning flute and also tutors flautists to ready them for the band at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal. The most important time of year for the Marching Band is November, because that's when they participate in many marches during the Patriotic Festivals.

Thursday was Independence or Separation from Colombia Day (the celebration of the birth of el República de Panamá), and the IESC band marched in the parade in front of el Presidencia, or Presidential Palace, and the President of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli. So, pretty big deal. It was even broadcast on television; that's how I saw it. But the Lovely Mona took many wonderful photos of the march.

Friday was Día de la Bandera de Panamá, or Panamanian Flag Day (let me tell you, the Panamanians are as strange about their flag as are los Estado Ünidense, just sayin') and IESC paraded in Rio Abajo/Parque Lefevre, our neighborhood. I really like the photos from this parade. I missed it, too, as I was home waiting for Panagas to deliver the tanque they promised last Friday (Sheesh! Don't ask!) but, once again, the Lovely Mona came through with flying colors! It was mostly the Secondary School (Jr. High/High School) kids in Thursday's parade, but the local parade included the Primary School kids, as well as local Service Organizations such as the Lions and Rotary. I like these photos because I love the look of pride on the kids' faces and the funky look of our neighborhood.

So, presented for your enjoyment: Two Parades!!
As always, click on photo for larger image

Independence from Colombia Day Parade, Casco Viejo, November 3, 2011
Preparing for the Parade
Assembly before the parade

On the bus!

The Parade!

Yep, that's El Presidente Ricardo Martinelli, owner of Super 99 and Mega Depot, right in the center of that balcony.

Flag Day Parade in Rio Abajo/Parque Lefevre, Friday, November 4, 2011

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Brother David said...

I feel sorry for the cute little guys with the triple drum sets. From their bad posture it is obvious that those harnesses are horrible on their backs!

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