Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy International Workers' Day, Comrades!

Here's hoping your office is heavily festooned with flowers! It's Labour Day in most of the world, but now that I live in the U.S.A. I'm supposed to ignore this fact.


Matty Boy said...

As always, I hope your work space is brightly festooned with flowers.

motheramelia said...

I became aware of International Labor Day after I was in Austria. Heard band music outside the window and wwent to look. There was a large parade of people with banners. Until then I thought May Day was a time young girls dance around a Maypole.

Paul said...

Go, comrade!

(I can read the top line but my Russian is not good enough for the bottom one. Happy May Day, Comrade Mickey!)

susan s. said...

Paul, the bottom one looks like a reference to eating pork in celebration. Of course I could be wrong! :-)

Paul said...

The bottom line (thanks to Google translate) is we are on the farm, so I assume it indicates that all workers stand together.

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