Wednesday, March 18, 2015

37 Years Ago Today. . .

Thirty-seven years ago today, the Lovely Mona and yer Padre were pronounced Man and Wife by Pastor Johnson at Saratoga Federated Church (I know, it sounds like a department store). Even though I dressed funny cuz it was the late 1970's, we stayed together. Also, we're in love and stuff. Happy Anniversary, Lovely Mona!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

And you both keep getting lovelier. Happy everything, Len

Mary Clara said...

Happy, happy anniversary to the pair of you! The fotos are inspiring.

JCF said...

All you groomsmen in your matching tuxes really need to break into a coordinated R&B dance routine: Sooooooooooooul Train! ;-)

Mazel Tov, Mickey & (ever-lovely) Mona.

[Is that really 1978? Fashion and hair looks more like ~1974. Obviously, I'm old enough to be able to draw such distinctions... ;-p]

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