Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me and Faddah Butch

The Mad Priest gots a post making fun of my dear frein' an bruddah Faddahpriest Butchy's name. The Lovely Mona and I met da Faddah Priest at the Missionary Orientation Thang in Chicago back in July, 1999, as we were preparing to come to Panamá. Butchy is Panameño and trouble on the hoof, so we hit it off right away. The Lovely Mona said "Why is it that everywhere we go you find the other Bad Boy and hang out with him?" We called ourselves "the Faddah Priests" after a story he told us. When he was a newly ordained priest in the City of Colón many years ago, two young mens saw him standing in front of a tienda. One said, "Look dat man's hand!" The other young man said, "Dat's notta man, dat's a Faddah Priest!" We even did an act the last night of the Orientation as "Da Faddah Priests." I played the guitar and Butch just riffed on "Why Must I Be A Missionary Abroad?" to the tune of "Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love?" He and his wife and daughter were headed to the U.S. Virgin Islands and he wanted me to forget Panamá and head out with him! We have been bruddahs ever since. Here's a photo of us last year on our Sabbatical, at Mission San Juan Capistrano.
Dis guy is da bes'!


Ellie Finlay said...

That's Father Butch, all right. A bit more gray than when I knew him but then *I'm* a bit more gray as well!! :-)

When you're next in touch, tell him that Finlay sends much love.

(He always called me "Finlay".)

Caminante said...

He be the best along with you...!

MadPriest said...

OMG! It's Episcopal Cheech and Chong.

Paul said...

Good one, MP.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Looks like my kinda of peer group!


Mary Sue said...

Bah. MadPriest don't know what he talkin' about. It's a perfectly good name.

Mi padre se llama Butch. Which means at extended (and extensive) family gatherings, I'm no longer Mary Sue, I'm Butch's Daughter.

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