Friday, September 17, 2010

Totally Cool! Who Is The Mysterious Bass Player?

Mr Soul1966
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Fred Schwartz said...

Bruce Palmer??

Not sure but I remember seeing them at the Whiskey. The yare really good on vinyl but they are outrageous in person! Saw them several times when growing up in the southland.

Paul (A.) said...

According to Wikipedia, Palmer played with them through 1966 and until he was arrested and deported to Canada. Thereafter:

"A number of different bassists were used, such as Mike Barnes and Jim Fielder of the Mothers of Invention. In one instance - a live performance on the television show Hollywood Palace - Springfield's non-bass-playing road manager held a bass with his back to the camera while the band mimed to a prerecorded track."

Is this that recording?

darkblack said...

Yes, it is...Dickie Davis was the 'masked bandit'.

Palmer was quite an innovative bassist for his time and that genre...It's a shame what drugs and laws can do when abused.


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