Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Random Top Ten


Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes your chances. . . .

1. Happiness Is A Warm Gun The Beatles
2. Burned Neil Young
3. Neighborhood Threat Iggy Pop
4. Planxty Brown/The William Davis's/ Lady Wrixon The Chieftains
5. D.C.B.A. 25 Jefferson Airplane
6. Cowtown They Might Be Giants
7. My Bird Performs XTC
8. Un Día Normal Juanes
9. Holy & Righteous Trin-I-Tee
10. Solitary Confinement The Members

As usual, an unusual list. I guess the shuffle is sumkina hippy today. Thank God for Juanes! He serves as both 21st Century representative AND Rock Latino representative. I think we had that Iggy song just a couple of weeks ago. I guess the Chieftains are still hangin' 'round from yesterday. The Members is way cool, also. too.

Watchoo listenin' to?

Oh, heck! Let´s ALL watch the Members!

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Matty Boy said...

I was looking up Ferlin Husky song to see if I wanted to do a tribute to him, but instead I did a tribute to somebody still alive, the great Johnny Rivers.

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