Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Random Top Ten Eight!!

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes your chances . . .

1. Mercury Poisoning Graham Parker and the Rumour
2. Small Craft On A Milk Sea Brian Eno
3. Tango Till They're Sore Tom Waits
4. Garden Of Earthly Delights XTC
5. You Get What You Deserve Big Star
6. Let Down Radiohead
7. London's Burning The Clash
8. The Back Stabbers The O'Jays

Padre Mickey's Dance Party rule invoked! Well, lemme tellya, I was going to invoke the "Won't Get Any Bettah Than This" rule at numbah 3, but, out of curiosity decided to go one more. Was very tempted to stop at numbah 4 but gave it another try and, dang! Almost stopped there but decided to see what was next and, yow! VERY TEMPTED to stop at numbah 6, but decided to see what would happen. Man! So, went on to the next song and I was SURE I was gonna stop there, but no, just one more time. . . . It's not getting any better than "Back Stabbers" so we stopped.

Watchoo listenin' to?


Muthah+ said...

Backstabbers?? You have been in the Church too long, mi'jo. Surely you jest! It couldn't happen in the Church!

Have you thought about the Diocese of FTW?

Matty Boy said...

You could have stopped at #6 as well. I love Let Down!

Kickin' list.

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