Thursday, May 19, 2011

St. Dunstan

From The Golden Legend: And on a time as he (Dunstan) sat at his work his heart was on Jesu Christ, his mouth occupied with holy prayers, and his hands busy on his work. But the devil, which ever had great envy at him, came to him in an eventide in the likeness of a woman, as he was busy to make a chalice, and with smiling said that she had great things to tell him, and then he bade her say what she would, and then she began to tell him many nice trifles, and no manner virtue therein, and then he supposed that she was a wicked spirit, and anon caught her by the nose with a pair of tongs of iron, burning hot, and then the devil began to roar and cry, and fast drew away, but Saint Dunstan held fast till it was far within the night, and then let her go, and the fiend departed with a horrible noise and cry, and said that all the people might hear: "Alas! What shame hath this carle done to me, how may I best quit him again?" But never after the devil had lust to tempt him in that craft.

Nice guy, Ol' Dunstan.

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