Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hey, everbuddy!

The Lovely Mona, Señorita Chompita Wiggletail and yer Padre were away on vacation for about twelve days, which isn't much vacation (legally I get a month per year, but I rarely get to take it), but we're back home an' on the innertoobes,once again. We had a lovely time, sitting around in hammocks and in the pool reading trashy novels and science fiction (well, Chompita just laid around; not too different from what she does all the time anyway) and it was very relaxing. I even officiated at a wedding at Playa Bonita last Sunday.

So, now we're back in the city. These lil' hot peppahs have been growing in our yard for the past month, right under the papaya tree (I hope they don't affect it) and today I decided to bite one. THEY ARE VERY HOTT!!!!!!! I think I'll dry them, and grind them up into a killa chile powder.

While we were away my arch enemies, the deadly woodants, attacked my acoustic bass guitar. They ate the case and put their "spit" (my brother-in-law said "you spelled that word incorrectly") all over the guitar, even eating under the finish. I'm gonna take it to the shop and hope they can fix it. I actually play my Gibson 1961 EB-O bass but I hate the fact them buggers (HA!) eat up my guitar. They actually ate through the g-string! If that's not the devil's doing, well, I don't know what is (besides the current top candidates for the Greedy Oligarchic Party's candidates. Are those people crazy or what? TWO spittle-flecked snake handlers are their top runners? Señor, tenpiedad). I hates them woodants; they've eaten several books, including my Hebrew-English lexicon, which means I will never be able to do a serious exegesis of the Hebrew scriptures ever again, freakin' woodants!!!!

So, we're back and you can start reading Padre Mickey's Dance Party once again. Also, pray fer yer Padre cuz I'm havin' one hella time finding employment en los estados unidos de América. For some reason, Search Committees are not inclined to hire estadoünidense priests who have been serving as missionaries in Central America. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it probably has to do with the Global Financial Crisis or sumpin'. Or Commernist Soshubalism.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Padre, don´t you be tracking any sand into the house!

Welcome home,

Padre Mickey said...

You so funny, hermano mío.

Penelopepiscopal said...

Glad you had some trashy-novels-in-the-hammock time! Prayers continue on the employment front. It's not just you in that boat.

Brother David said...

I am sure that it is because of what they read in this hot bed of liberal progressive Anglican Christianity that you call a blog! You are too hot to handle, like your little chilis.

Fran said...

Padre - I'm praying for you and have been all along. Deyz nutz to not hire you - whaddare dey tinking????

JCF said...

So sorry for your Gee-tar, Padre.

Woodants and Greedy Oligarchic Party's candidates: Agents of Destruction (separated at birth?)

motheramelia said...

Prayers on the work front.

susankay said...

Padre -- I don't know how it would work for either party but is in the search process. 7000 feet and skiing -- no beach. diocese of colorado. we are about one month shy of posting profile.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre, you're on my daily prayer list for a job.

I'm so sorry about your guitar. The critters made a mess for sure. I hope it can be fixed.

It was good that you and Mona had a nice vacation.

Caminante said...

It's the same attitude against which I ran up when instead of doing CPE my first summer in seminary, I worked at the Seamen's Church Institute of NY & NJ as a ship chaplain and someone sniffed at me that my internship was not 'real work' to which I responded: Oh yeah? Visiting a seafarer who got whacked in the head by the ship anchor (###), was taken to hospital unconscious and was unable to celebrate his 50th with his ship buddies, far from home, etc., etc. Same attitude of superiority. Prayers continue for you that someone will get that you have been very much been about 'real' ministry and have a wealth of experience that most gringos/as can never provide. Hrumph.

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