Saturday, August 20, 2011

La Tribu

¡A Kuna rock band! The Kuna are one of the groups of indigenous people here in Panamá. These guys rock hard.


Matty Boy said...

Headbanger pan flute!

Certainly a first for me.

Padre Mickey said...

I just can't get over how good they are. Considering Indigenous Rock Bands, they kick Redbone's ass!!

Brother David said...

They really do kick assets! I have never seen a pan flute in a rock band either. They sing the cry of all the indigenous in the Americas. Quiero ya vivir en paz!

And you can tell we all have the same ancestors, they look just like us.

Padre Mickey said...

¡Hola, David!
Our organist, Bernie, knows them. They're Christians, as you could figure out from the flute player's rap.

Brother David said...

I think that his rap is in his tribal language, it is not Spanish, I do not understand it, just the word Jesus.

They remind me of another more verbally explicit group here in Mexico; Molotov

Their anthem being Frijolero

Padre Mickey said...

Yeah, they play them guys on the radio here, too.

Brother David said...

As I was watching the video I was thinking also that the flautist and the guitarist are probably brothers because, even though they have very different shapes to their heads, their mouths and noses are identical.

When the video ends there is a link to an interview of the band and the two are brothers and there is also a cousin is in the group. They also identified Molotov as an influence on their music.

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