Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching Up With My Blogging

I'm waaaaay behind in my blogging, onna counna I've been sufferin' from sum kina nasty flu thang. Plus, I just haven't had much to say seeing as I spend so much time starting fights on Facebook. I'll try to be better about all this. However, I have been religious in my Saints posts!

On Sunday, August 22, we had a surprise visit from Bishop Murray. It wasn't a surprise for me, as he had asked if he could drop by the Friday before. I knew he was going to celebrate (Duh, it's right there in the Prayer Book!) but I was also prepared to preach, just in case. So Sunday I asked if he was preaching or if I was preaching. He asked if it would be okay for him to preach. I said, "You're the Bishop. You get to do whatever you want!" So I went to fetch my sermon from the pulpit and was surprised to see the place packed! I also saw a great big Tourist Bus parked out front. I went back in to my office and told Bishop Murray that the place was packed and there was a big bus outside. He started laughing and said that a group from St. Augustine in Brooklyn were here and wanted to worship with him, so he figured San Cristóbal was the best place for that. And we had a wonderful service, of course!

Later that afternoon, our Panamanian daughter, Yasuri, and her husband, Emilio, and the other Most Beautiful Granchillin's in the World (Panama Division)™ Alejandra, Eva Victoria, and Andrea, dropped by for a little visit. Alejandra immediately asked me to let her play the keyboard. Then, when tired with that, she moved to the computadora and spent time on www.DisneyLatina.com. Her parents said she spends lots of time there! Señorita Andrea was fascinated with Chompy and couldn't keep her eyes off her, while her big sister Eva Victoria was terrified of Chompy. That's the way it goes! The saying around this house is "Ale y Chompita son hermanas" and that hasn't changed. After much conversation and fótos, the fambly was off.

On Wednesday, August 25, we celebrated Mrs. Doyle's 95th birthday after the Wednesday Healing Mass. Mrs. Davis, who is 97, recited a poem for Mrs. Doyle. Then we all gathered on the patio and enjoyed bocadillos and cake and chicha. Mrs. Moore talked about the days when she and Mrs. Doyle worked at the Commissary in La Boca and then later in Balboa. Then Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Callender talked about working with Mrs. Doyle in the Commissary. So I got up and remembered when I worked in the Balboa Commissary with Mrs. Doyle. Someone asked, "How old were you then?" and I responded "I don't remember; I was an entirely different person then." After that, EVERYONE made up a story about working with Mrs. Doyle at the Commissary in Balboa. We had a great time.

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Matty Boy said...

Nice catch-up post, Padre. Good stuff all around.

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