Monday, August 09, 2010


I haven't been posting much lately, as I've got other stuff going on. However, life goes on here in Parque Lefevre.

Even though we are an Episcopal or Anglican church (we use the terms interchangeably here; neither term carries the baggage that they do in los Estados Unidos), we are in a Roman Catholic country, and many of the students at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal are Roman Catholic. Their parents want their kids to have First Communion, so Padre Cáceres and I discussed the situation and decided that First Communion could be an opportunity for evangelism, so Padre Cáceres has started a First Communion class which will end in November. We decided that we would also use this as an opportunity to train Acolytes, so all the First Communion kids will also be trained as Acolytes. Yesterday they and their families attended la Misa en Español. Ricky Staple is feeling well again, so our Trio was able to provide the music for the service. Here are photos.

Hilary singing the Gloria last week.

Mariana and Hilary shared Gloria-singing duties yesterday

Ricky y Padre

El Coro gets animated!

Procession of the gifts


Meanwhile, the Lovely Mona is teaching flute at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal during the week, and she is enjoying her students. As some of you are aware, folks here in Latin America have a thang for Beauty Queens and Queen Contests. There's some kind of Queen Contest Thang taking place over at IESC and the Lovely Mona took photos of the propagandas for the various contestants. I have no idea when the contest will take place, but once we know the winner, it will be announced here at the Dance Party.


Fran said...

Mad props on the communion idea! Buena idea!

Seeing photos always makes me want to hop a plane and come worship with you all. One day, one day.

Harry Allagree said...

Great photos as always, and more wonderful goings-on (do you guys ever sleep?!) in your lively parroquia. Speaking of queens, at the little restaurant across the street where I go occasionally, one of the help staff is a lovely mujer Mexicana, whom I always tease by calling her "la reina de los empleados", to which she always responds, rolling her eyes, "sure, sure!"

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