Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thursday Evening at the Cathedral of St. Luke

Thursday evening, August 19th, the Diocese of Panamá celebrated the tenth anniversary of the consecration of the Rt. Rev. Julio E. Murray as our bishop. We had a lovely service at la Catedral de San Lucas. The Liturgy of the Word was based on the order for Evening Prayer in the Brasilian Book of Common Prayer, while the Holy Eucharist was Eucharistic Prayer B from the U.S. BCP (both in español, of course!). The choir consisted of members of iglesias San Cristóbal, San Pablo, San Juan, y San Mateo. We also had the Folkloric Dance group from Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal as part of the service, which really added to the joyous occasion. Bishop Donoval Johnson of the Methodist Church in Panamá was the preacher and delivered a powerful message on servanthood. Bishop Julio was beaming throughout the service! As usual, the service lasted about three hours, but that's just parr for the course at these things. And the Lovely Mona took many photos, which I'll share with you now!

Before the Service
The Choir rehearses

Sean Murray, Bishop Murray's son, lighting candles

The Choir gets in line for the Procession

The Service
Dancing the Call to Worship

Jewel Murray, Bishop Murray's daughter

Miss Jewel Murray leads the psalm

Vielka Arthur reading the OT lesson

Victor reads the Epistle

Gospel procession

Bishop Donoval Johnson of the Methodist Church preaching

Canon Walter Smith y Padre Mickey chant la litanía

The Clergy of the Diocese of Panamá

Bishop Murray receives gifts from the different churches

Dancers at the Ofertorio





Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you, I love attending your services (and snack functions afterward).

Caminante said...

Always wonderful to see San Lucas which brings back memories (figure that in 1987 at this time I was there visiting).

Mary Clara said...

Like Leonardo, I love attending your services, ordinary and special. The dancers bring such gladness to my soul. So glad to be 'in communion' with these folks.

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