Monday, November 08, 2010

Ayer en Parroquia San Cristóbal

We had five baptisms yesterday en la misa en español de Parroquia San Cristóbal. I was expecting more because on Friday I was told we had ten baptisms scheduled. By the 7:30 am service on Sunday I was told "six baptisms scheduled." But when we got down to it, we had five. This happens; I even had a family appear during the offertory one Easter Vigil asking if they were too late for the baptism. I said "yes." I did baptize the baby the next Sunday.

We baptize from the front of the church, even though we have a baptistry in the back of the church. When we have the baptisms up front, everyone can participate. As you can see, the baptizands, their God-parents and family members all gather around, as well as the choir and the Altar Party. It gets a bit crowded but it works well. It seems that our baptisms are always at the 10:30 am Spanish-language service, although sometimes we have baptisms during a bilingual service, but perform the baptism in español; I'm not sure I even know how to baptize in English anymore.

We also had another group of acolytes being trained, so it was fun all around! They did quite well and followed the directions of Tania and Ms. Pusey so that they met Padre's Standard for a Successful Service: Nothing fell down, nothing was spilled, and nothing caught fire. After the service, the First Communion kids had a Final Exam! Next week will be the First Communion, and what a day is planned!!

Here are the Lovely Mona's photos of all the goings on.

Padre Cáceres and the new acolytes

Los bautizados con Padrinos y las familias



Juan José

She did not like her face getting wet!


Marked as Christ's Own Forever! (Nadette doesn't appear as she no longer trusts priests who reach for her forehead)

New Acolytes lead the procession of the Gifts

The Newly Baptized

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David |Dah • veed| said...

Saints alive!

Thanks be to God!

Josh Thomas said...

Joyous events!

I'm glad you allow cameras in church. We need to show the world our story, not hide our lamp under a bushel. Cameras and cellphones are so ubiquitous these days, we need to strike a new balance, preserving worship but allowing life-changing ceremonies to be recorded. It's not like we're burning fat Sylvania light bulbs in people's faces anymore!

If I had a photo of my baby being baptized, I'd put it smack in the middle of my living room wall. Good job, Padre, good job. Five souls!

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