Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday and Sunday at Parroquia Episcopal San Cristóbal

It's been quite busy at Parroquia San Cristóbal.
Saturday Padre Cáceres held a retiro y ensayo for the First Communion group and I helped him. We had devotions and talks, and we also practiced for Sunday's service. It was more complicated than a Wedding rehearsal!

Sunday morning was the Second U.T.O. Ingathering AND the Altar Guild's Bake Sale. The Lovely Mona made her famous pumpkin cake, which sold out quickly. I also had a few bottles of my curry powder available and they sold out, too. But, as always, the star of the Bake Sale is the Cod Fish Cake. Mrs. Bennett is seen frying em up.

La Misa en español usually starts around 10:30 or so, but since we had so much going on we started at 10:00 am en punto. The young people processed in with the Altar Party, which made for a very long procession. The church was packed with family and friends and it was a very high-energy service. Carmen sang the Gloria and did so wonderfully. La Familia Murray, Bernie (our organist), Vielka (his wife), and Zenie (daughter), sang a lovely song for the offertory anthem. We had 49 young people have their First Communion, and they have participated as ushers, readers, choir members, and acolytes for the past three months. They are very enthusiastic about participating in church, and we are happy to have them join us.

After la misa, the young people and their friends and families all went next door to Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal for a festive luncheon. What a wonderful Sunday!

Here are the photos!
Retiro y Ensayo
The kids

Practicing the Procession

Altar Guild Bake Sale
The Lovely Mona's Pumpkin Cake

Buying up the baked goods!

Mrs. Bennett cookin' up the cod fish cek

Padre Mickey's Powerful Curry POWdah

First Communion Service
The Procession

Carmen singing the Gloria

First Reading


Second Reading (Maureen was baptized last Sunday)

Mr. Ricky Staple at the drum kit

Procession of the Gifts

Post communion






Directora Patricia Lewis, Director of Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal

Ms. Patsy Pusey, Ms. Choroland McQueen, and Ms. Tania Cole


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Now I want Codfish Cakes, now I want Pumpkin Bread...why do I come here? (I wonder if Tartar sauce would be good with Cod and Carmel Sauce with the Pumpkin Bread?)!

Evil spirits are whafting northerward apparently!

Hope all had a wonderful time (I think I´ll bake something)!


susan s. said...

Lovely pictures of lovely people! I want the pumpkin cake recipe, please! It looks delicious!

Harry Allagree said...

What a joy to see so many jovenes! You're doin' something right, Padre! Pretty tasty lookin' eats also!

I See You!

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