Monday, February 07, 2011

¡Attack of the Bicho Gigante!

So the Lovely Mona and I were in Gamboa this evening enjoying a wonderful dinner with la familia extendida: Bert Leigh and his daughter Mary, Martha May and Essie Maduro. You've seen all these folks in our photos of Thanksgiving and Peshac. On the way home, while passing though our old neighborhood of Paraíso, this enormous bug lands on the windshield and rides with us. We stopped on the side of the road to snap some photos and were hoping he jump off the windshield, but he climbed to the roof of the car instead. He rode on the roof for a while and then returned to the windshield. Then he climbed about on the hood of the car, which was too hot, I guess, because he got back on the windshield and rode all the way home with us to Parque Lefevre (I think he saw those photos of our papayas). When we arrived home he was laying flat on the roof of the car. We thought he might be dead, but, I touched him and he ran across the roof and down the windshield. When I last checked he was still on the car in the driveway.

Dat is one Big Bug!


susan s. said...

What is that around his hind leg? It looks almost like string, but I'm guessing it's some sort of vine. He does look pretty big!

JCF said...

What's the scale here? How many inches? (because yes, gringos still measure things in inches ;-/).

This guy looks set to convince Ol' Pharaoh to Let My People Go!

MadPriest said...

Quick, call Sigourney Weaver!

it's margaret said...

I think maybe he was trying to have sex with your car Padre... just sayin'.

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