Monday, February 14, 2011

How I Spent The Past Four Days

I've spent the past four days participating in the 91st Diocesan Convention of la Iglesia Episcopal de Panamá. We started things early Thursday morning with the opening Eucharist of the Annual Meeting of las Damas Episcopales, or The Episcopal Church Women. I attended part of the meeting, and they put on a drama a about planting and harvesting. Children and adults decorated a tree with leaves and fruit. The youth also had their Annual Meeting, too, but the photos aren't interesting; just beautiful young people sitting in a room. The Eucharist was held at St. Luke's Cathedral and the meeting was held at the Bishop Gooden Center at the Diocesan office.

Friday was the day for Workshops. Workshops were held at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal, which was great for me as I could go back and forth from the school to the church to do All The Things I Must Do. I'm part of a team which is responsible for all music and worship during the Convention, and I would play guitar and lead singing and hand out materials for the Daily Offices. The Workshops were on Evangelism; Using Modern Technology to spread the Word; and "Marketing" the Church. All the meals took place in our new Parish Hall at San Cristóbal. The Food Committee did an excellent job!

Saturday was the Day of Business. Not terribly exciting but we have a few photos. It took place in the newly-remodled Bishop Clarence Hayes Gymnatorium. It was a long meeting; didn't end until 7:00 pm!

Sunday was the Closing Eucharist at the Cathedral of St. Luke. The Very Reverend Maizee Lennan and I worked long and hard on the music and liturgy, and everything came out quite nicely! We had a choir consisting of members of the churches of Panamá Metro (our region or deanery) and Profesors Abdiel Goddard and Eric Gonzáles as musicians. Bishop Murray introduced our new postulants for Holy Orders: Walter Smith, Eric Gonzáles, Carlos Austin, Jr., Gladys Rodríguez, Camilo Gill, and Christian Gonzáles. Dr. Headly Lennan, husband of Dean Lennan, was honored for all the work he does in the Diocese. The Board of Directors of the Hoga de Ninas de Capital were also honored for their work.

As is usually the case with these Diocesan functions, the service was really long, about 3.5 hours! But, this being Panamá, there was plenty empanadas, pollo, and cake waiting for us after the service.

Here are photos:

Thursday, ECW Annual Meeting

UTO Ingathering

ECW Meeting

The Women of St. Christopher's in the next three photos

Friday, Talleres Workshops

Saturday, Business Meeting

Sunday, Closing Eucharist

New Postulants: Christian and Camilo

Eric, Walter, and Carlos

Birthday and Travel Blessings

Dr. Headly Lennan and The Very Reverend Maizee Lennan

Board of Directors of the Hogar de Niñas


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Wonderful faces and activities...thanks, Padre

Mary-Cauliflower said...

Love these pictures! Thanks for posting.

Harry Allagree said...

La Iglesia in acción!

I See You!

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