Monday, October 10, 2011

Bible Study Retreat

We have two Bible study groups at our church. Both groups are studying "Fasting for Spiritual Break Through: A Guide to Nine Biblical Fasts" by Elmer L. Towns. It's a very interesting study and I have learned a lot from it. Well, the two groups decided to have a retreat and study the last chapter of the book together: The Esther Fast. To prepare, we all read the book of Esther. We even watched a movie about her.

We stayed at Norma Blackman's house in Coronado which may look familiar. Hortensia led us through the sessions and was part of the planning committee. We had Compline both nights and Morning Prayer both mornings. The whole week-end was well planned and fun. Below are pictures of everyone who was there and the fun we had.

This group of photos were taken Friday night, our first night at Norma's house. We had just gotten our folders with our material and agenda.

Sunrise on the beach, Saturday morning. It was incredible. My friend Magdalena and I went together. It was the first time she had ever seen a sunrise like that. "How can you not believe in God when there is such beauty on earth?" she asked me.

Here our group is gathered for our lessons. We also did a lot of singing. These were taken during a singing session.

Meal time.

Our evening swim on Saturday night.

These were taken Sunday morning during our open forum, evaluation, and closing.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre, I am dumbstruck that you are having difficulty finding a church in the US. My prayers for you and Mona continue.

The gorgeous sunset is, indeed, a testimony.

JCF said...

Wot Mimi Said!

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I See You!

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