Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Padre Mickey's Dance Party's Birthday!

Yay! Today this blog is five years old! It started out slowly, became fun and crazy for several years, and is back to being slow; heck, it's down-right boring nowadays! And why is that? Has the ol' Padre done run outta ideas n' stuff? Well, no, not really, but I'm trying to find a job in the U.S.A. and Search Committees are not interested in priests' whose blogs are a Bit Too Lively. I learned that a member of a Search Committee read this blog and felt that my writing is "too direct." So, Lives of the Saints, photos of San Cristóbal, and the occasional Miss Bebé™ photo. I am a slightly more lively presence on Facebook.

So, let's celebrate with a David Bowie video, Five Years! It's got nothing to do with the blog or our anniversary, and you can't really dance to it, but the words Five Years are repeated constantly, and that's gotta count fer sumpin'!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

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PseudoPiskie said...

Happy Anniversary! I miss the bishops et al. But I'm not blogging much either. Boo, Facebook.

susan s. said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

You are certainly right about the song!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Blessings and congratulation, Padre. May you have many more happy blogging years...after you find a job. I'd have you for my rector in a heartbeat. Just saying.

Matty Boy said...

Happy Anniversary, Padre! Here's hoping you find the search committee that realizes you are exactly the right level of lively.

Harry Allagree said...

Happy Anniversary, Padre! I reads da blog almost every day...and what I come away wid is de impression of a very hardworking Padre, devoted to his people & doing great E-word (which scares the hell outta lots of peepuls) stuff, as well as a Padre devoted to his fambly, 'speshully dat charmin' little gal, Miss Bebé, da most wonderfulst granchile in da world ('sept for mine, wid all due respect!). Keep on what 'chu's doin', and sooner or later one 'a dese gringo holy-factories'll will see what dere missin' & snap ya up!

Reverend Ref + said...

I learned that a member of a Search Committee read this blog and felt that my writing is "too direct."

In other words . . . "You might make our parish uncomfortable, and we'd rather have someone who prophecies, 'Peace, peace,' rather than someone who tells the truth."

Got it.

Happy anniversary and good luck.

Padre Mickey said...

Gracias a todos.

it's margaret said...

Happy blogaversary Padre. Keep writing plainly, boldly and showing us the glorious Miss Bebe --please!

wv: racicera --Oh, yes, Padre is soooo racicera.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Happy belated blogiversary, and thank you so much for visiting mine. xo

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