Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sunday School Pictures

I saw this pictures on the bulletin board at the back of the church this morning, and I just had to snap a few photos. I have no idea what age group produced these, although I think the first two are from older kids.

Here is a picture of The Creation of the World.

This is a picture of God the Father. I have no idea what's happening with God's feet; they seem to be shooting out lightning, which is something I missed in my reading of Genesis, but it's way cool! Also, excellent coconut bra on Eva.

I believe that these pictures are a response to the question: "What are your gifts?"

This person's gifts are Karate, Basketball, and Fútbol.

This person's gifts are Fútbol, Singing, and Studying

This person's gifts are intelligence, strength, and, of course, sports.

What are your gifts?


PseudoPiskie said...

Being willing to be Senior Warden according to the vestry yesterday. Argh.

wv = ststeio - St Steio is the patron of Dell farmers?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Love the Art-- gifts=gratitude


Leonardo Ricardo

Paul said...

Bless your heart, PseudoPiskie.

Lovely drawings, Padre.

WV: minstri
Pseudo is taking on a new minstri.

Abby said...

Great idea and will use in Sunday School myself: what are your gifts?

WV: brobor (my SS kids are my brobors and siztors)

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