Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fiesta de Luces, Epifanía en Parroquia San Cristóbal

I'm a bit late posting this; last week was a crazy week, and I started my stay-cation yesterday, so I wasn't inclined to do much. But the photos must be posted!!

Last Thursday evening, the Feast of the Epiphany, the youth of San Cristóbal held their "Fiesta de Luces." It's a tradition at our parish. In the past, they did a Pageant which portrayed the visit of the Magi, but the past two years they've been performing plays. The service starts with singing Christmas songs, as it's our last chance for another year. We have the readings appointed for the day, and then the play. This year the play was about the True Meaning of Christmas and how it has nothing to do with gifts. A family, all excited about the gifts under the arbolito go to bed, but all their gifts are stolen while they sleep. When they awake in the morning to no gifts, there is some anger but the Littlest Girl of the Family explains the True Meaning of Christmas, and then they eat breakfast. It was very cute! Then we turned out the lights, lit candles, and sang several more Christmas songs. I gave a bendición and despedida and that was it!

The Rev. Dr. John L. Kater, Jr., was visiting and attended the service. Everyone was happy to see him.

Los fótos


John Kater


More singing

The Drama

This little guy was very interested in the play and got right into the action

Here come ¡Las Ladrones!

Our little friend is right in there!

Where's our stuff?

The True Meaning of Christmas is Explained

The Cast


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