Monday, January 03, 2011

Watchnight Service

We had a lovely Watchnight service on Friday. Padre Cáceres preached a great sermon and we were able to time things so that we gave the dismissal just at midnight when all the fireworks went off! And, as usual, people were really dressed-up nice. The Lovely Mona and I played a few numbahs for the Offertory.
Here are some photos!

The Lovely Mona, accompanied by some guy

"Best shoes of the night" competition between Shalimar (red) and Patsy (stripes)

Andres and Shalimar celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

Beautiful people in beautiful clothes.


Jane R said...


Good to be reading (and writing) blogs again. Thanks for the pics, Padre Mickey and Lovely Mona!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh my! The service sounds lovely. The ladies are beautiful in their dress-up dresses.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Excellent! Around the volcano(s) people were looking a little bit like a black and white movie made in Chihuahua during the early 40´s (and that was at the fancy dinner).

MadPriest said...

Is that the pope in the second photo? I'm sure I've seen him wearing those shoes before.

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