Sunday, June 05, 2011

Acolyte Festival at San Francisco de Asís

Yesterday Iglesia San Francisco de Asís hosted an Acolyte Festival for the acolytes of Panamá Metro in the Diocese of Panamá. Acolytes from San Francisco de Asís, San Pablo, San Mateo, San Lucas, Christ-Church-by-the-Sea, San Juan, and San Cristóbal, plus the combined choirs of San Francisco de Asís and San Cristóbal all joined Bishop Julio Murray and the clergy of San Lucas, San Mateo, Christ-Church-by-the-Sea, San Cristóbal and, of course, San Francisco de Asís for a special Mass. All the participating acolytes received a certificate of participation and a wooden cross. Let me tell you, we had one loooooong procession! Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely lunch of rice, chicken, slaw and cake. All in all a fine way to spend a Saturday morning.

The altar

Set up for lunch

Members of St. Christopher's Choir


Los Acólitos de San Cristóbal: Hillary, Patsy (Acolyte Master), Evonne, and Dwayne. Not pictured: Choroland and Luther.

Bishop Murray

Bishop Murray blesses the crosses

Bishop Murray blesses the acolytes

Mr. Biron Daniels received a plaque thanking him for his years of service as the Head Acolyte at San Pablo

Bishop Murray and Acolytes

Bishop Murray, Acolytes, and Clergy

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