Monday, June 13, 2011

On Sunday The Congregation Wore Red

Wow! Lot's of people wore red for Pentecost yesterday, and I just wanted to share photos of their great clothes. We should all wear red more often.

Mrs. Doyle didn't wear red, but we're always happy to see her.

The Men's Fellowship in Conference

The ECW in Conference

I wore the red guyabera, but I don't have a photo of me wearing it.

We also had very pretty flowers!


MadPriest said...

Could the contestant in photograph number nine step forward and give us a twirl please?

Brian said...

I so enjoy seeing your congregation, Padre Mickey! Such joyful faces and such an atmosphere of love. What a lovely church you have.

Robyn Ginsburg Braverman said...

It makes me happy when people come together in positivity, just in general. When they all wear my favorite color, it gets exponential.

(knuelogn made me giggle CAPTCHA peeps.)

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