Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day at San Cristóbal

Yesterday was Trinity Sunday, of course, but also Fathers' Day, so we had a great Fathers' Day celebration. The ECW and Sunday School put on a presentation, and we honored Ricardo Staple, Father of the Year and our drummer.

Mrs. Marie Clarke, president of the ECW, sang "It Is No Secret What God Can Do." Members of the ECW brought the out-going Father of the Year, Mr. Maynard foward, and then the in-coming Father of the Year, Mr. Staple. Ricardo was seated on a chair in the center of the dias, and Mrs. Elfrida Beckford read a biography of Mr. Staple. Then the entertaiment began! Saul Cáceres, son of Padre Cáceres, played "Amazing Grace" and "¡Alabaré!" on the steel-pan. This was followed by a short discourse by Mrs. Adica Moore on the responsibility of Christians Fathers. Then Lisa Chen (who also sang la Gloria Típica during the service) read a message she wrote for the Fathers of the parish. Members of the Sunday School (Hillary, Saul, and Abdul, along with our Youth Activities Coordinator, Peter Right, and Roseanna Arthur) performed a play about a father working hard to care for his family. It was very cute and well received. The ECW then presented Padre Cáceres and I with gifts, which was followed by the Sunday School presenting gifts to Ricky, Padre, y yo. This was followed by people from various Guilds and groups in the parish presenting gifts and saying wonderful things about Ricky. Miguel Mazza played his saxophone, followed by the Lovely Mona playing "Danny Boy" on her flute. Ricky expressed his gratitude for being named Father of the Year and the honor and love shown him by everyone. He had his drum students (Lisa, Hillary, and Saul) stand with him as he spoke. He is very proud of them, as are all of us. Yolanda Peters thanked everyone involved in the presentation, and we all retired to the Parish Hall for a breakfast of a fruit cup (always fresh Panamanian fruit, not some canned "fruit cocktail" for us!), empanadas, some miniature-franks-on-a-stick, a very interesting sammich thang, and cake. Also, coffee, tea, and chicha. All in all, a wonderful mornings, as one would expect at San Cristóbal!
Photographic proof follows.

Mrs. Cora Gill, UTO representative of San Cristóbal, Mr. Ricardo Staple, Father of the Year, and Lisa Chen, joven de San Cristóbal before the service.

Lisa singing the Gloria

Ricky playing them drums during the Gloria

Mr. Percival Thomas reading that looooong lection from Genesis

Marie Clarke, president, St. Christopher's ECW
Ricardo Staple comes forward, escorted by members of the ECW

Out-going Father of the Year, Mr. Leslie Maynard and Mr. Ricardo Staple, in-coming Father of the Year

Saul Cáceres at the steel-pan

Mrs. Moore


The Play!

Profesora Priscilla McQueen speaking on behalf of the Sunday School

Mr. Yearwood telling a story about when he owned a Club and Ricky was one of the regular musicians

Mr. Hudson, our Sexton, receives a gift from the ECW

Miguel Mazza

The Lovely Mona (interesting angle as I was also holding the music for Mr. Thomas at the organ)

Ricky Speaks!

Ricky with his students, Lisa, Hillary, and Saul

Yolanda Peters thanking everyone involved

La Familia Staple: Marian, Ricardo, y Genetta


Matty Boy said...

That plate o' food...
Looks awfully gooood!

Congrats to all involved.

Anonymous said...

looks like another great celebration. Hope you all had a memorable fathers day. FMI

Anonymous said...

Hello I really enjoyed your blog! I believe to be the niece of Mrs. Elfrida Beckford. If you could please email me at I am in connection with my father who disclosed names of my family, who I'm looking to come in contact with back in Panama. Thank you and speak to you soon!

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