Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Panamá Project 2011

This year's Panama Project has been here since June 4th. I spent most of last week with Walter Smith and the Project for their orientation. This week they are doing field work in Colón. I may go visit them on Thursday to make sure things are going well. We will be going to Santa Clara next week for their de-briefing.

On Monday of orientation week we pretty much stay at the Diocesan Center. Walter and I talk about the history of Panamá and the history of the Anglican/Episcopal Church in Panamá. We also watch a video about the history of Panamá from the time of the Conquistadores to just after the U.S. Invasion of 1989. On Tuesday we had some more discussion and watched the film The Panama Deception. Sometimes we also watch a film about the Invasion produced by the U.S. State Department; it's different than the Panama Deception, as one might guess. On Wednesday morning we participated in the Mass for the Teachers of the Episcopal Schools. In the afternoon we went to Panamá Viejo, the site of the original Panamá City, burned down by that bastid, er, pirate, er, Sir Henry Morgan back in the 17th century. And, since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by Parroquia San Cristóbal. On Thursday we went to La Chorrera and visited Padre Eladio at Iglesia San José, as well as Instituto Episcopal San José and Iglesia El Buen Pastor. I went home early as the Lovely Mona and I had to get the house ready for the Project coming over for dinner. We had a great time. Friday morning we went to Casco Viejo, the second site of Panama City. It's where everybody moved after that bastid Morgan burned down the city. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Hotel Roma and then went to visit a lockage at the Panama Canal (that's right; the place you wrote that report on in fourth grade!). On Saturday the Project joined Walter Smith for a retreat with members of Parroquia San Pablo and then headed to Colón for their field work. I spent Saturday catching up and preparing for Sunday.
Ready for photos? Click on the photos to embiggen. Tomorrow: Photos of Panamá Viejo

Padre Eladio talks with Walter, Phyliss, Reagan, and David, while Padre Mickey wanders about taking photos.

Iglesia Episcopal San José. The Crucifix and the statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and San José y el Santo Niño were all carved by one of Padre Eliado's predecessors.

Instituto Episcopal San José en La Chorrera. The kids were all out of school for trimester break.

School Cafeteria kitchen

Iglesia El Buen Pastor

Graffiti en El Chorillo, on the way to Casco Viejo. The barriada of El Chorillo was razed to the ground during the Invasion in 1989.

Iglesia San José en Casco Viejo. Some of this altar is actual gold, and some of it is wood painted gold. Back with this church was in Panamá Viejo and there were rumours that that bastid Morgan was on his way, the altar was dismantled, painted black, and hidden in the tropical forest. Way cool, huh?

The pulpit

Plenty side-altars y Santos!

At the Panama Canal

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