Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Real Live Cat Blogging

From Cute Overload, as usual

Feast of St. Brigid

The Giveaway
Phyllis Mcginly

Saint Bridget was
A problem child.
Although a lass
Demure and mild,
And one who strove
To please her dad,
Saint Bridget drove
The family mad.
For here's the fault in Bridget lay:
She Would give everything away.

To any soul
Whose luck was out
She'd give her bowl
Of stir about;
She'd give her shawl,
Divide her purse
With one or all.
And what was worse,
When she ran out of things to give
She'd borrow from a relative.

Her father's gold,
Her grandsire's dinner,
She'd hand to cold
and hungry sinner;
Give wine, give meat,
No matter whose;
Take from her feet
The very shoes,
And when her shoes had gone to others,
Fetch forth her sister's and her mother's.

She could not quit.
She had to share;
Gave bit by bit
The silverware,
The barnyard geese,
The parlor rug,
Her little niece's christening mug,
Even her bed to those in want,
And then the mattress of her aunt.

An easy touch
For poor and lowly,
She gave so much
And grew so holy
That when she died
Of years and fame,
The countryside
Put on her name,
And still the Isles of Erin fidget
With generous girls named Bride or Bridget.

Well, one must love her.
In thinking of her
There's no denial
She must have been
A sort of trial
Unto her kin.
The moral, too, seems rather quaint.
WHO had the patience of a saint,
From evidence presented here?
Saint Bridget?  Or her near and dear?

The Best Line about Ex-Gays EVAH!!

I realise that I am way behind, but this line by David Green over at Father Jake’s is the best line I have ever read:
ex-Gay..LOL!! Like there is such a thing. It's like saying I used to be human, but now I'm a Romulan.. As if that is possible.There are some incredibly clever people in this Episcopal Blogosphere!

Rest In Peace, Molly

A wonderful reporter and columnist, Molly Ivins, has passed away due to breast cancer. I loved her columns and her appearances on the MacNeil-Lehrer New Hour. She also wrote a couple of great books about the Preznit. I am very fond of the book "Bushwhacked" which she wrote with Lou Dubose.
Rest eternal grant unto her, O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon her.
May her soul, and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

NOT Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging

I know that some of you (but probably not many of you) were unhappy that Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito did not appear last week. They remained in Panama while I was in Berkeley, and the Lovely Mona, being the smart cookie she is, was not about to pose Padre's toys about the house and make up a goofy story.

However, a certain Brazilian fan of Gallito Mescalito (whose name I will keep secret but his initials are Luiz Coelho) wrote and photographed a story about a certain kitty we all love and the family of said rooster. I love the story and I think we must all admit that Tina is either very patient or overly lazy, as stated in the text.

So, today we proudly present the Guest Blogging Premier of "Tina Meets Gallito Mescalito's Family":

Photo 1 - It was just another day for the lovely Tina, sleeping on her favorite blue sofa when a procession of Mescalitos suddenly interrupts her lazy day.

Photo 2 - Tina, who is a good Anglo-Catholic cat, is very aware of processions with incense and thuribles and St. Francis' blessing of the animals, but she gets very puzzled with that strange family of multicolored crazy gallitos.

Photo 3 - Shriiiiieek, said one of them, and all stopped around Tina.  Apparently they want to be friends, and then engaged in a very productive conversation:

Tina:  Meowwwwwwwwww
Mescalito 1: Shrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiieeeeeeeeek
Mescalito 2 and 4: Shhhhh shhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeek
Tina: Meeeeouuuuwwwwwwwwwwww
Mescalito 3: Shrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeek

Photo 4 - At the end, they became friends.  But, since Tina is overly lazy, in the middle of the conversation she fell asleep again and the Mescalitos had to go back home.

Here endeth the story.

New Additions to the Blog Roll

The photo is of Sean McConnell of the Diocese of California website, yours truly, and Padre Richard of Caught By The Light (Your source for Epiphany West blogging!) at Epiphany West. Sean was a classmate and we went to Panama with the Panama Project of 1998. I hope you all read Richard's posts about Epiphany West; he was really on top of things!

Our own Grandmère Mimi has joined the Episcopal Blogosphere at The Wounded Bird and I realize that everybody already knows this because everyone who reads the Dance Party reads MadPriest, too (probably first; I know I do!).

Our friend in Scotland, Raspberry Rabit, has a kickin' blog which has been added to my daily reading.

Don't forget Episcopalooza, which we added quietly a few weeks ago.

I met the Revd. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva, Secretary General of the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil (photo below), at Epiphany West and we had some great conversations (I translated for him at dinner one evening). His blog is Kantinho Do Rev and, while difficult for most of us to read, will be a breeze for a certain young crucifer with a chubby kitty in Brasil. He was a lawyer before he became a priest, and the blog is mostly about politics.

Padre says, "Check dem out!"

I'm Baaaack!

I'm back where it's warm like God wants it to be, and I am happy. However, I am exhausted from twelve hours of travel and will be taking it easy today. Here is a photo of Abuelo and the World's Cutest Granddaughter.
Hasta pronto.
I believe that's MadPriest's blog on the computer in the back

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

He's on his way

Many of you are looking forward to Padre Mickey’s return tomorrow. He’s got photos, new ideas and many things to do when he gets back. I’m sure he has lots to say about his experience at Epiphany West in Berkeley and the time he spent with Tara, Chris and li’l Evie. I’m looking forward to hearing it all. It’ll be fun to hear who was there and what they’re now doing.

It’ll be great to have him home. He’ll be posting tomorrow possibly after I take my online test for my DL class.

Countdown: Only a few hours away. I pick him up at the airport tonight at 10:45.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Wanna live abroad?

My political thought teacher was telling me about his website which is mostly run by his wife. It’s about living in foreign countries. The site includes real estate, international dialling codes, embassies and consulates, and country profiles. Check it out and see if you can find a cute little getaway in a country you fantasise about living in.

I'm Going Home

I probably won't post again today, and I certainly won't be posting tomorrow as I travel.

On the day I went away.
Was all I had to say
(Now I)
Want to come again and stay
(Oh my, my,)
Smile and that will mean I may
I've seen blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realise
I'm going home
I'm going home
Everywhere it's been the same
Like I'm outside in the rain
Free to try and find a game
Cards for sorrow,
Cards for pain.
I've seen blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realise
I'm going home
I'm going home.
I'm going home.

Morning at the Hogar

Today I went to the Hogar, like I do. There weren’t many girls there because some of them were at camp. I brought out the new books and the few girls that were around came to see what I had. They kept saying things like “Prity” and “qué linda.”

They took what they wanted to read and I took a couple to read to the two new girls, sisters Sinilda, 10, and Maria Isabel, 7. Neither have been to school. There’s a bit more information about them on Tía Sue’s site, which I highly recommend because of her story on her trip to Manchuca.

I read “La aventura pirata de Dora” to them first with the help of Enibeth. She likes to take turn reading pages with me. After a bit, however, it was just Sinilda and me. Enibeth and Maria Isabel ran off to create their own adventure. So I read more stories to Sinilda. Afterwards, as we were chatting, she told me she had been at the home for two days. Turns out she’d been there since Wednesday. She doesn’t have any concept of counting. I told her next week we can start learning the letters to her name so she can write it. We’ll work on handwriting because I learned she can’t write, then I’ll read more to her. I want go over numbers with her as well. So much to do and so little time. I’m sorry I’m only at the hogar once a week. She’s very sweet and quiet, right now anyway.

Next week I’ll have Padre Mickey post pictures of the newly painted hogar. A couple of weeks ago, some of the students from Instituto Episcopál San Cristóbal were there painting. I wanted to go back with the camera to take pictures but got wrapped up in schoolwork. Now the painting is done and it looks really nice. They added some cute flowers around the bottom of the walls. “¡Prity! as the girls say when they like something.

Count down: Padre Mickey comes home tomorrow night! Yippee!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wid De Baby

Photo by Tara Mobley
Hey everybody, I'm wid de baby and her parents, waiting for my sister to pick me up and take me to Redwood City, where I will spend a day being quiet and getting ready to go home to Panama. Here's an arty shot Tara took of the World's Cutest Granddaughter. I went to church at St. John's, Oakland, this morning with the Rev. Dr. John Kater, Jr. Then we went to lunch at a Ramen house with Tara, Chris, and Baby Snooks. I have taken many photos of the darling chile and will be posting them when I gits home. That is if the Lovely Mona lets me in the house, what with all these wimmens pledging their love for me and stuff. Hasta Pronto!

What I learned in Church today...

Today I arrived at church at my usual time only to find it still in session. It’s my custom to get there near the end of the first service so I can chat with people between services. The people from the first service are terrific. However, I personally enjoy the Spanish service.

The person speaking was Mr. Alan Lewis who was a member of St. Christopher’s a couple of years ago. Mr. Lewis has had a long time dream of rebuilding St. Christopher’s Church and it looks as if he’s still doing everything he can to fulfill his dream. He’s found Micheylin Millay (I’m sure I misspelled her name) from Haiti to help fund the project.

Mr. Lewis’s dream buildings includes a church, library, rest home, Episcopal University, and community center. His idea was well received from what I could tell. I talked to one woman who is behind him all the way. She’s been more than ready for a drastic change for our church for quite some time. I was told his next step is to go to the Bishop. I hope he doesn’t forget to talk this over with the rector.

The other thing I learned was the youth choir is ready to work on starting practices on time. The idea is to pay 25 cents if you’re late. Hmmm. I wonder if this will work. They want to choose their songs and start working on them. I’m ok with that. So I’ll be putting together a calendar for the dates they sing. This way we’ll be able to better prepare for the upcoming bilingual services.

Count down: Padre Mickey will be home in two days!

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Cold, Cold Day

I'm having a great time, but I'm always in a session or at some restaurant! They're gonna have to roll me off the plane. Leonardo, I have not been able to check out Faddah Jakes, so I missed your bait. I haven't had much time to check blogs. However, let me suggest that you all check out Richard's blog "Caught By The Light" (a link is over on the right in the blogroll) 'cuz he is really on top of things and posting like crazy! I'll post a photo of Richard and me and Sean McConnell when I get home next week.

It's drizzly and cold outside right now, so I'm hiding in Dr. Kater's office.

Behave yerselves!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Saludos desde Berkeley

Hi everyone. A quick note to let you know that I'm having a great time here at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in beautiful (and cold) Berkeley, California. I'm staying with my friend the Rev. Dr. John Kater, Jr. (He may have met you when he was in Rio in August). I've met Richard from the blog "Caught By The Light" and we have been having fun. We were in a class today and someone made a disparaging comment about "bloggers." Richard was sitting right behind me and whispered "She means us, Padre!" Then someone else said something rude about bloggers and he said "All the bloggers in the room hang their heads in shame!"
I saw my daughter Tara and the world's cutest granddaughter yesterday. The baby was smiling and being very, very cute. When I get back to Panama I'll post photos.
Well, it's obvious that the lovely Mona can write a great post, and I hope she'll keep at it. We may have to set her up with her own blog.
I hope to check in again soon.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Books for the Hogar

I know that everyone has been waiting with baited breath to see what I, the lovely Mona, would write. My life is so busy studying that I haven’t found time to write anything. But I have a few minutes so here goes.

Michael made it safe and sound to Berkeley. He’s staying with his friend John in Walnut Creek. Knowing them, they’re having a wonderful time.

Besides studying and going to school, I went to the local drug store and found nine new books to take with me on my weekly trip to the Hogar de Niñas de Capital. Many of you know of the Hogar by Tía Sue’s blog and pictures below. I work with the younger girls on reading, writing and arithmetic. Not taught to the tune of a hickory stick. The books are “La Bella y la Bestia,” “La Sirenita,” “Alicia en el país de las Maravillas,” “Pinocho,” “Toy Story,” “Blanca Nieves y los siete enanos.” La Cenicienta,” “La Bella Durmiente,” y “La aventura pirata de Dora.” I don’t know who Dora is, but from what I can tell, she’s an explorer created by Nickelodeon. The others are Disney classics, fairy tales of old except for Toy Story.

It’s summertime and they read to me. Usually, after a story we play cards. Cards are good for Rosa Mari because she needs help with numbers. She’s fun to play with even though she cheats. It’s a more relaxing time with them since there’s not pressure to do homework.

I don’t know when I’ll write next. I have tests coming up in a week. Got to get back to studying.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

St. Christopher's on the Patio, Week 2

Photos by the Lovely Mona
Click on photo for larger, detailed version

Today we had a single, bilingual service at 7:30 am and then the Annual Parish Meeting afterwards. As usual, lots of people for la Misa, and only about 40 for the meeting. I don't know what to do to keep people around for the meeting! The misa was nice; we had a couple celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary, and we had visitors from Hawaii. Mona took some photos, including two with that hot thurible action so popular with the Ship of Fools crowd.

I'm traveling all day tomorrow, and I have no idea what my internet access will be like during the week, so I'll be turning over the keys to the place to the Lovely Mona, who may post on occasion. It's hard to say, 'cuz she's a student, a GOOD student who does her homework and doesn't mess around with blogs like her worthless husband.

1. Choroland McQueen prepares to wave that thurible
2. Here it comes!
3. The Congregation
4. Dem girls talkin' in church!
5. Another shot of the congregation
6. Special blessings for birthdays, travel, wedding anniversaries, and prayers for the sick.
7. Special blessings from another view
8. Padre gets a travel blessing
9. Singing during communion
10. Communion

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bite Me, Big Pete!

I've been thinking about the recent unpleasantness in the Anglican Communion. I have a bad habit of going over to Titus 1:9 on occasion (when I want to raise my blood pressure) and I just get so sick of being called a pagan, a Unitarian, and told that TEC is no longer Christian, especially by a bunch of neo-Donatist, bible-thumpin', homophobes (see, I can call names too!). My parents live in the diocese of San Joaquin, and they spout some of that Network baloney on occasion. One time I said, "When you say that stuff about the Episcopal Church, you are saying that about me." Oh, they denied it, since I'm not one of THOSE people, except for my nasty habit of supporting gays and lesbians and insisting that the Holy Spirit will work through whomsoever she will, but at least I know the Bible and preach the Gospel. The Rector of their parish (whom I consider a friend) told me that he was teaching that the Bible is infallible and the standard for truth and I must admit, shamefully, that I didn't respond. Of course, I was thinking: "Infallible? Standard for Truth? Have you actually read the Bible?!?"

My understanding of the eschatological tradition is that on Judgement Day our Lord will be the judge. We will all answer to him and no one else. I have yet to discover the text that states that judgement is in the hands of the Most Blessed Primates of the Global South, and I don't remember reading about the Church of Nigeria (Anglican) in the Apocalypse of St. John (I didn't read anything about either TEC or the CofE, for that matter!) and its Archbishop being seated on the Throne of Judgement, separating the sheep from the goats. Fr. Jake has a post at his site, Will Archbishop Akinola be “disciplined” by the Primates? which is definitely worth reading. Padre says, "Check it out!"

Hey, look! A picture of a cute ferret wearing a neckerchief! Maybe it's a Ferret Scout (FSA)!

From Cute Overload

My Brain


Friday, January 19, 2007

Punch Lines

This Seven Things Meme is flying about the Episcopal blogosphere, and, after reading folks' responses to the last question about the punch lines, I wonder what the joke was? Some of them I know, but others I think I may like to hear. Of course, the punch line I gave is to a TOTALLY FILTHY JOKE that I won't tell here. If you want to know the joke (if you haven't already heard it; it IS a classic), email me and I'll tell you. Otherwise, spend your time praying for those who already know the joke.
The joke on the right is about make-up

Tina's Competition

Okay, Tina has dominated the kitty stuff at this blog for the week, but there are other cute episcokittys on the planet. Over at Caminates' blog is an example of Friday Cat Blogging. So, Tina could probably take them all in a death match, but she has kitties who read the New Yorker and sleep on Kliban mats!! That's pretty cool! Padre says, "Check it out."

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging: Tina Dreams A Dream

All those hours spent in Migración and driving between Parque Lefevre and Balboa have made Padre a Very Silly Person, Indeed!

Somewhere in Río de Janeiro, a Rather Large kitty relaxes on the sofa after her third meal of the morning and dreams the dreams of zaftig gatitas. . .

1. Snerk, snort, snnoooooorrrrrrrrrr (cue dreamy harp music) Then: SSSHRRRIIIIEEEEKKKKK!!!
2. ¡Chuletas! ¿What is that sound?
4. Calm down, Gallito Mescalito. (SHREIK SHRIEK) ¿What on earth could be so upsetting?
6. It's the Teletubbies!!!
7. Los Toobis: "Eh-oh Gah-eat-oh!!" Gallito Mescalito: "¡¡¡SHRIIEEKK!!! ¡¡¡SHRIEK SHRIEK!!!" Mr. Red Peanut Bank: Oh, it's only the Teletubbies. They're cute and talk like babies and live with bunnies. You like bunnies, right?
8. "Snore, snort, snerk, ¿Coelhos? ssnnnnooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"
9. We wuv ooo, Gah-eat-oh! Awww, BIG HUG!!!!
11. Mr. Red Peanut Bank: "That's enough, teletubbies! Run along. You're upsetting Mr. Gallito Mescalito!!" Teletubbies: "Run away! Run away!!" Gallito Mescalito: "SHRIEK! SHRIEK! SHRIEK!"
12. Mr. Red Peanut Bank: "There, there, Gallito Mescalito. The teletubbies have run back to Teletoobilandia and their bunnies. Everything's okay now." Gallito Mescalito: "SHRIEK, sob, SHRIEK, sob, sob, SHRIEK"

Friday Random Ten

1. 12:51 The Strokes
2. Missa Aeterna Christi Munera Agnus Dei (Palestrina) Oxford Camerata, Summerly
3. Ghost Train Elvis Costello and the Attractions
4. Cuidándote Bebe
5. Jo Jo Gunne Dave Edmunds
6. Gidget Goes To Hell Suburban Lawns
7. Shut Up Black Eyed Peas
8. Dancing The Night Away The Motors
9. Swimsuit Issue Sonic Youth
10. End Of The Line Roxy Music

Hey, some good messages for everyone at the Parish Meeting Sunday in #4 and #7 (including Padre)! And #10 is so appropriate. As is #9, it being Summer Time here and all.
I gotsta go hang out at Migración again, trying to end the hostage situation in which I find my paseporte. I was there for an hour and a half this morning only to be told to return at 2:30. Of course, Migración is on the other side of town. Think of bunnies and kitties and fluffy clouds. . . Think of bunnies and kitties and fluffy clouds. . . Think of bunnies and kitties and fluffy clouds. . .

Tonight, on a Very Special Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging. . .

The Boys are infiltrated by strange creatures from another world.
They ban together in unity and learn the True Meaning of Friday of Epiphany II.
Don't miss it!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Slow Blogging Day

I haven't blogged much today as I am preparing my report for the Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday and working on my sermon. I will have the usual Friday Features tomorrow. Blogging will be a bit slow next week, too, as Monday will be a travel day for me, and I will be in Berkeley for eight days at the Epiphany West seminar and I have no idea what my internet access will be like. I know that I will meet with one Episcopal Blogger, and I hope that others will be attending. I will be spending some time with Tara, Chris, and the World's Most Beautful Granddaughter, and I'll be taking lots of photos. I hopes to see Matty Boy and Susan S, también. La Esposa Espectacular, The Lovely Mona, has been invited to be Guest Blogger, so we'll see how it all works out. Here's a picture of a kitty, un gatita flacita, compared to last night's offering. But seriously, WE LOVE YOU, TINA!!!!!
Cute Overload

I've Been Tagged!

The 7 things meme

The Brazilian Bunny done tagged me!

1. Name a book that you want to share so much that you keep giving away copies
As a priest I should say "The Bible" and I have given away copies, but I don't think that's what were looking for here. I have lent my copy of "Midnight's Children" by Salman Rushdie to many people and it has disappeared for years at a time. I don't really give away copies of books.

2. Name a piece of music that changed the way you listen to music
Charles Ive's Sonatas for Violin and Piano really changed my idea of music.

3. Name a film you can watch again and again without fatigue
Right now I'd say "Moulin Rouge"

4. Name a performer for whom you suspend all disbelief
Robert Duvall

5. Name a work of art you’d like to live with
Anything on black velvet cuz it looks so great in the trailer.

6. Name a work of fiction which has penetrated your real life
I wrote a song with Matty Boy after reading the "Illuminati Trilogy" by Robert Anton Wilson. Is that what you mean?

7. Name a punch line that always makes you laugh
"Maybe you ought to pet him first."

I tag MadPriest, Mary (Sue) de Santa Ignora, and Saint Pat
I'm tagging Caminate y Tía Sue, tambíen.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing

Photos By The Wandering Christian
She's big! Her head is dwarfed by her body. But she is loving and well loved.
Meet Tina, a kitty who loves and is loved by that bunny fella.

Walk To Church With Padre Mickey Part IV

click on photo for larger, detailed version

We are at the end of our journey. Calle Decima, Parque Lefevre, is the street where Parroquia San Cristóbal and Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal are located, as well as Proluxsa, a company that makes condiments (the worst soy sauce on the planet; it's just brown water with salt) including Worcestershire sauce, which they call Salsa Inglese. I debated showing my super messy office as the last photo, as it's not for the faint hearted, and have decided against doing so.

1. 10th Street Parque Lefevre
2. Iglesia San Cristóbal
3. Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal
4. We're here! Door to the church offices

Walk To Church With Padre Mickey Part III

click on photo to see larger, detailed version

We continue on our journey. We have passed the Fast Food Intersection, with KFC on one corner and McDonald's across the street (no need for fótos of those places!). We are at the half-way point on this walk. One thing the fótos can not convey is the diesel fumes, the constant honking of car horns, and all the cars trying to run us over at every intersection. Keep that all in mind while looking at the fótos.
1. Kelvin's. I took this photo because the first worship space for St. Christopher's was in that building over 60 years ago. Now it is a bar and grill.
2. Public schools in Panamá are named after different countries. This one is named after the Republic of Haiti.
3. A small river.
4. A municipal park and vegetable stand

I See You!

Sign by Danasoft - Get Your Free Sign