Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Question

Why is it that right-wing godly nut cases "Christians" so-called tend to shoot people at church? I've never heard of any left-wing nut cases shooting-up a place of worship, and they're supposed to be Godless Atheists!


motheramelia said...

I think left-wing nut cases prefer to blow up public buildings. Although they've also taken shots at public figures. Thinking primarily of the anarchists of the last century or the Red Brigade and the like. Just don't think churches have been high on their priority list.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

¨Just don't think churches have been high on their priority list.¨

Ask Saint Oscar Romero, the Human Rights Activist (of course his assasins were politically inspired self-righteous purists...that makes it different I suppose).

Ask Bishop Juan Girardi, the Human Rights Activist (of course he had a list of names of the murdering folks who murdered thousands of innocents that he was about to publish...he wasn´t killed in the Church Nave like +Romero but in the garage of the rectory).

The durge goes on.........

Padre Mickey said...

Hola Leonardo y Revda Amelia.

I agree with you, Mother Amelia; churches and attending church isn't high on the list of the LWNCs.

Leonardo Ricardo, I think that those were RWNCs doing the killing in both of the situations you mentioned, which goes along with my point.

I think that RWNCs don't mind shooting people in other churches as they all belong to the Only True Church in their own twisted minds.

motheramelia said...

I stand corrected, although I thought those assassins were from the right, not the left.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Why are the folks who continually ratchet up their hate-filled rhetoric suddenly surprised when other folks become angry and commit violent acts? Then they back away and say "Oh, I didn't mean this!"

Matty Boy said...

I agree with Mimi. This whole idea that you don't know that crazy people might be listening to you and take your inflammatory statements seriously is a very strange disconnect.

I'm just guessing, but I think some of the right-wing nutcases are really miffed that God isn't in the personal smiting business anymore. No more walls of Jericho falling or destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. And the idea that the clearly unrighteous in their eyes claim to be Christian has to make them a little goofy.

JCF said...

That picture is a total blasphemy.

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