Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday Miss Bebé, The World's Most Beautiful Granchile™ Blogging

As I stated in the post below, after the Commencement the Lovely Mona and I headed for the hills; the Sierra Nevadas, Gold Rush Country, to be exact! My parents and my Aunt Sally and Uncle John Putica live up in Sonora and Twain Harte, and my mom and Aunt Sally have a reunion with their sisters Margie and Nona and brother Sam every year. This year they decided to have their youngins join the fun, so lots of my cousins and their kids showed up, too. It was a lot of fun! And Tara and Chris and Miss Bebé came, too!! We had a big picnic at Pinecrest Lake. We went out on the Party Boat, we ate lots of food and talked and talked and talked. Some of us had to leave that afternoon, but I'm glad we got to spend some time with everyone.

Here are some photos of Miss Bebé that day. She lost her hat on the lake but my cousin, Sharky, stopped the boat and his brother, my cousin Josh, fished the hat out of the lake to the cheers of the family. Miss Bebé was relieved, to say the least!

Miss Bebé lakeside with her faddah and Abuelo's flashy shorts

Miss Bebé on the Party Boat, looking a bit aprehensive

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