Monday, June 01, 2009

We Must Have Rules!

The Anglican Church of North America may find these rules useful! I think they fall right in with their No Cooties!! requirement. Although Rule #5 just might hinder the Funeral Trade a wee bit.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Did you notice the Anglican Catholic Church (Virtueless covers it) has decided to NOT attend the big do´n enthronement of Bob Duncans dunking with his 300 dioceses, or was that, boxed lunches? It seems the glare of plunging necklines or breasts other than sagging maleones amongst the clergy is not allowed, sinful and FORBIDDEN at the One TRUE Anglican Catholic Church...the Archbishop of whatever did congratulate the dissenters however...they think it wise to escape from TEC all inclusive homolovers.

Mary Sue said...

I do believe I fall under number 6, but I'm not quite mad enough to tell them.

I can't remember who it was, but someone (a Christian) was talking on a blog about visiting a mosque and being told "Stop praying! Stop praying!" by the guard when they were just walking around looking at things.

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