Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fernwood Tonight

Way back when, when the Lovely Mona and I first met, we enjoyed a t.v. show named Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman We were quite happy when we heard that a summer replacement would air staring Martin Mull, as we were familiar with him as an artist, musician, and comedian. The program, Fernwood Tonight turned out to be the funniest show on the air that year. We never forgot this particular episode, starring the amazing Tom Waits. Enjoy!


Matty Boy said...

That sure takes me back, which is nice because none of my ex-girlfriends will.

susan s. said...

Martin Mull.... Better looking now than then!

susan s. said...

Have you been to that restaurant? The filet of athletic equipment, indeed.

DoFW said...

If you REALLY want da altar gild to come by, post the Tom Waits Chocolate Jesus!!!
Thanks for all the laughs you send us on these innertubes! You da man!!

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