Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wishful Thinking

Go read this and then tell that you think the Republican Party really cares about the people of the U.S.A. and are serious about reforming health care. Go ahead; I dare ya! John "the Ignorant Slut" "We Loves Our Guns Here in the U.S.A." Ensign (R-NEV) defends the present state of Health Care in the U.S. by pointing out that if we take out all the car accidents and gun deaths, los estadoünidense have the best dang health care in the whole dang world. AND if we take out all the deaths from alcohol poisoning, drug overdoses, cancer, suicide, heart attacks, exposure, war dead, and self-asphyxiation-while-wearing-two-wet-suits AND everything else, well, heck, we'd have a nation full of people who die peacefully in their sleep. Also.

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Harry Allagree said...

My son, age 34, has been ill since Dec. 18, 2008 with brainstem encephalitis and has no insurance, because he had the condition 10 years ago and no company will insure him. After many months of filling out endless forms and sitting for hours (in his wheelchair) in various agency offices, he recently got disability through SSDI and Medi-Cal here in California. His SSDI monthly allotment is a little over $1300/mo. (to cover all his expenses). Because that was about $200 more than the "norm", he lost his food stamp allowance. Now Medi-Cal informs him that it won't pay any of his past hospital bills (thousands of dollars!) or his medication prescriptions (about $400 each time!) unless he pays $745 per MONTH! Excuse me, but Mr. Ensign and the rest of those in both parties who are stonewalling health care reform have their heads up a rear part of their anatomy! "How long, O Lord, how long...!"

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