Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Random Top Ten

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. Helpless Neil Young
2. I Can't Control Myself Ramones
3. Backdrifts (Honeymoon is Over) Radiohead
4. Spoonman Soundgarden
5. Antiphon: O Rubor Sanguinis (Hildegard von Bingen) Anonymous 4
6. No Promise Have I Made Hüsker Dü
7. Skin Deep Stranglers
8. Shake Your Hips The Rolling Stones
9. Communication Breakdown Led Zeppelin
10. Big Kick, Plain Scrap Nick Lowe

I dunno. . . it almost looks like Fred Schwartz was messin wit da iTunes or sumpin'. . . number 2 is the Ramones covering the Troggs, but the link is to the Troggs' video of the song, 'cuz it's way cool. Also, the link for number 5 is the song but it isn't Anonymous 4's version. I gotta say that I'm surprised we had a video for that and for 8 and 9 but not for 6 or 10! Go figger. . .

Please post your lists in the comments, but behave!


Fred Schwartz said...

I am travelling right now so I may not be on exactly as I have in the past but here goes:

1, Hey Joe The Leaves
2, An American Soldier Toby Kieth (that one is for Jerry)
3, Another One Bites The Dust Queen
4, California Girls Beach Boys
5, GLORIA Them (Van Morrison is pretty cool even now)
6, Train Kept A Rollin Aerosmith
7, Walk On The wild Side Lou Reed
8, Shake Your Money Maker Paul Butterfield Blues Band
9, Cocaine JJ Cale
10, I Just Wanna make Love To You Muddy Waters
11, Amazing Grace Krysten Hartman (hint this is very local)

Padre Mickety, there it be. I say (and to quote a blog elsewhere) let'[s leave it where we flang it.

PseudoPiskie said...

I downloaded some free loudness via LogoOnline yesterday. Eventually something other than classical and oldies might appear on my list someday.

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