Friday, January 08, 2010

It's Gonna Happen!

We of la Parroquia San Cristóbal have been planning and talking about building a Multi-purpose Center for the use of the parish and neighborhood. We used to have an old, as we call it here "wood buildin'" known as la Casa Amarilla (the Yellow House) which we had to tear down. An architect drew up plans for a building with a cost of $1,000,000.00 (four years ago so I'm sure it would be much more now) which is a bit beyond our means. We have been using the former rectory, which is right next to the church building (and shares the patio) for classes and all but it really didn't serve our needs well. We finally had someone draw up plans to re-model the former rectory, with a cost of $80,000.00 which is something we can do. We have been raising money and folks have been pledging to the Building Fund for the past year while the Contractors have been winding their way through the bureaucratic nightmare which is the Panamanian System. Just before Christmas the Contractors informed us that they finally had all the permits and were ready to go. They wanted to start the day after Christmas! I told them I had to get to the Feast of the Epiphany and then they could start. So Thursday we started going through everything, tossing lots of stuff and packing other things. We've rented a storage locker and moved everything in there. Remodeling begins on Monday! It's actually gonna happen!!

We are still raising money for this project, and I plan to put up a donate button for PayPal quite soon, as we need all the help we can get. And being the camera-happy priest that I am, I will be documenting practically every step of the rebuilding, cuz that's the way I am!


Old Rectory

The Kitchen

Sunday School room

El Deposite or Storage locker place

The truck

Sunday School class Bibles stay here!


Empty Youth Room (where we store the Empty Yoots)

Empty Sunday School

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Caminante said...

Hm... looks as though you had to lug everything upstairs. That would be enough incentive to make most of it basura.

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