Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today at Parroquia San Cristóbal (well, across the street, actually).

Today we had what we call a Cook Out as a fund raiser for our Rectory Restoration Project. Here a Cook Out isn't cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on a grill, it's basically a food sale. Since we don't have a kitchen right now and the patio is unavailable, we went across the street to Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal. We used tickets instead of cash, for a reason I don't quite understand. I made my Killah Chili con Carne, which is actually more of a Carne con chili, and some of my famous Padre Mickey's Powerful Curry POWdah. We also sold Fry Fish and Cucu, pollo asado, arroz, yuca, sous, patties (empanadas), and our world famous Fish Cek, which had them lined up around the block. We also had sodas, saríl, and ginger beer. The ginger beer was excellent; it had so much ginger that it made your lips burn!! I had some of the fish cek; it was incredible! Big, fat, fish ceks! I wanted to buy some empanadas, but they sold out by the time I had a chance to purchase them. Well, I THINK that's what happened; I had been giving Marie Clark a hard time most of the day, and when I went to get some pattie I was told Marie was in charge dem, and I said "uh-oh!" and she tell me "patties are all gone." I'm pretty sure she sold them all.

All in all the Cook Out was well attended and I think we sold everything (well, I still have some curry POWdah, but it'll probably sell tomorrow), but I'll find out how well it worked financially tomorrow.

Here are some of the Lovely Mona's photos.

Alda Allen selling sous

Padre Mickey's Powerful Curry POWdah

Arroz y Yuca

Pollo asado

The Crowd

Mr. Murdock selling tickets

Folks hanging 'round

Fish Cek!!!!

Marie Clark breaks the bad news to Padre

Hortensia counting tickets

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