Thursday, July 22, 2010

Megyn Kelley's Next Big Scoop!

Somebody call Andrew Brietbart! Black peoples are oppressin' white folks agin!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Megyn Kelley!

I´m can see the deceit in her face too (I´ve never mentioned this to anybody) even before she starts with the smurk and straightfaced ¨fair and balanced¨, they don´t make them much sicker and allow them to hang-out freely on T.V. (or anywhere else). There ought be a television series about such loathsomeness...oh, there is?

Padre Mickey said...

That woman can't hide her disgust when talking about mean black peoples. I remember her reports on ACORN; I thought she was gonna barf right on camera.
The thing is, she creates the same reaction in me! I wanna barf when I see her on the televisor.

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