Monday, September 26, 2011

Ayer en Parroquia San Cristóbal

Yesterday was a rainy day, which can cut back on attendance. Of course, we live in a country where it rains some nine months of the year, but when it rains it rains REALLY HARD, and, let me tell you, a mild Panamanian rain is harder than anything you experience in the U.S.A. or England, so things were a bit slow at both services. However, we still had a grand celebration at both misas. Mrs. Doyle's beautiful granddaughter (all her grandchildren are beautiful, let me tell you) visited with Mrs. Doyle at the 7:30 am Mass.

So, on Thursday I replaced the two front tires on our car, as they wuz bald, like mah haid. Then, on Saturday, I drove out to Gamboa to visit my friend Bert. On the way home the car was shaking all over at certain speeds. I just figured that the autopista had wuz all mess up from the work they were doing, but when the Lovely Mona was drivin' me to San Cristóbal early Sunday morning, she was complaining that the car was all shakey. So I was going to ask our Sexton, Mr. Hudson, to check the car out as he is a mechanic, but when he and I got near the car I noticed that the back left-hand tire wuz all mess up, with a chunk outta it!! So Mr. Hudson and Randall, who washes the car every Sunday, change dat llanta, onna counta I gots to do priesty stuff.

Since we're in the midst of our First Communion Class at the 10:30 am Misa, we still had a large turnout, and a lot of participation.

My friend and seminary classmate, Revda. Jeanne Forte, is here in Panamá on sabbatical, and she attended la Misa a las 10:30 am. Here I am introducing her. The Lovely Mona and Revda. Jeanne and I all went out to Sabor de la India for a wonderful lunch after la Misa. I told the chef that the food wasn't hot enough for me and he said, "Oh, you want REAL Indian food!" He told me to call him before I come next time and he'll visit with me and cook my meal himself. ¡Qué bueno!

Our brother, Ricky Staple is still in the hospital, which really puts a glitch in our music, but young Saul Cáceres, student of Ricky Staple and youngest son of Padre Cáceres, our Assistant Rector, has taken up the drum sticks and was the baterista yesterday. He is doing quite well. Yer Padre played guitar as Bernie Murray was away, and the Lovely Mona led the singing, like she does.

After la Misa we have classes for the First Communion Students and a discussion group for their parents.

Here is Hillary and Saul. Hillary is avoiding cooties, obviously!

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Hola Mrs. Doyle, How good it is to see you and your lovely family too!

Leonardo Ricardo

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