Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rest In Peace, Reverendo Canonigo Dennis Josiah!

This is a photo of my brother priest, the Rev. Canon Dennis Josiah, who passed into greater life early this morning. The photo is from Diocesan Convention in Bocas del Tore in 2009.He was an amazing priest; when he was first ordained, he worked in the area of Bocas del Toro, on the Costa Rican border. He is famous for making the rounds of all four churches in the area, riding on boats and even using a Tram-car, one of those railroad vehicles on which one pumps to move. He was the hardest working priest in the Diocese of Panama, even after he had "retired." He was my predecessor at San Cristóbal, and was the person who led them into becoming the first actual self-supporting parish in the Diocese. He was also instrumental in the creation of our province, the XXXVIIIth province of the Anglican Communion, la Iglesia Anglicana de la Región de Central América (IARCA) and worked on their canons.

He was my predecessor, and was incredibly supportive of me as the second Rector of San Cristóbal. He was supportive yet stayed away as I established myself as the next Rector. But he was always there when I requested his help with funerals, as he knew the departed better than I. We developed a very supportive relationship. \

I also appreciated his amazing sense of humour. Early in my time as Rector of San Cristóbal he told me: "When I first came into your office I thought 'Wow! This guy sure is organized.' But now I realize you were just new! (my desk is a mess!)" We often shared jokes about the church. He was an amazing liturgist and theologian.

I will miss Dennis; I will miss his voice resounding through the office when he came to visit; I'll miss his jokes, and I'll miss his insight about the people of San Cristóbal, but, most of all, I will miss the congeniality we shared. Rest in Peace, Dennis. I know that you´ve already been told "Well done, good and faithful servant!" I love and miss you.


Matty Boy said...

A very nice send-off, Padre. May he be welcomed among the faithful.

Grandmère Mimi said...

May flights of angels sing Dennis to his rest.

May God give comfort, consolation, and peace to you, Padre, and to all who love Dennis.

He sounds like a lovely man.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dennis, another prince.

Thank you for introducing us to him...


freeman0imani said...

Dennis was my grand-uncle. I will miss him greatly. His humor and wit will never be matched and his giving spirit will always be remembered and serve as an example to the rest of the family. Rest in peace, Padre. We will see you later.

Gene Curry said...

The Bexley Hall Seminary class of 1961 remembers Dennis with love and gratitude. Our prayers and best wishes to Sybil...Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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