Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Night Music Thang

Chelsea Girl The Simple Minds

Best song these guys ever did, much better than that "Don't You Forget About Me" crap. However, I gotta say: It looks as if the poor sod who directed this had only seen the first four Elvis Costello and the Attractions videos and decided that they were the state of the art. Really!


JCF said...

"that "Don't You Forget About Me" crap"

Blasphemy! :-0

Charlotte said...

Hey Padre, when they made that video back in the Pleosticine era of music videos, it was state of the art.

I never heard that song. I don't think they had it in their set when I saw them mid-eighties.

I really like "DYFAM" - it instantly takes me back to that era. I didn't hear it a lot at the time because I wasn't listening to radio and they didn't put it on the albums I had.

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