Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tales of Animalistic Papaya Stealing

The Lovely Mona and yer Padre loves our papayas, fresh from our own tree, planted by the Lovely Mona's own soft and beautiful hands. We loves our papayas tree ripened. But SOMEBODY (and I'm not going to use names but his initials are Little Neighborhood Squirrel) has suddenly decided that the mangos in the park across the street aren't enough (well, to be fair, they're pretty much gone now) and has decided to cross the street via the Telephone Cable Highway and visit the lush Jardín de la Rectoría and BITE INTO OUR PAPAYAS!!! And now the tanagers are hangin' 'round the fence. It may very well be that Papayas for Humans season has ended.


susan s. said...

Oh, my goodness! YOu will have to learn to love green papayas or bring them in and let them ripen.

Anonymous said...

Of course you´ll be needing security forces...telephone Governor Perry, he´ll know what to do...your wall looks pretty dinky to me too (and cut those telephone wires immediately)!
Leonardo Ricardo

Harry Allagree said...

It's a conspiracy, Padre...I feel it in my old bones! I leave it to your imagination who the conspirators are!

Anonymous said...

++Drexel Gomez had it done. Leonardo

Padre Mickey said...

LAWDY LAWDY LAWD! It was so sad this mornin' to see the shell of the papaya on the ground. Them birdies decided to knock it off the tree and do it IN!

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