Sunday, January 09, 2011

I'll Be Rested

I've had a lot of funerals for the past two months. Last week I officiated at three funerals, and it's getting to me. Only one of last week's funerals was for a member of the parish, but it's still tough. Like most estadoünidense and people throughout the world, I've been disturbed by the violent language of the right wing and the toll it has took in Arizona yesterday. Today I was listening to one of my iTunes play lists and this song came up. I thought I'd share it with everyone else who is tired of death and sadness. Thank you, Mavis Staples; you are a treasure!


Paul said...

Thank you, mi hermano. I needed that. And now I shall lay me down to sleep.

Fran said...

Prayers for you, it is very hard when there are so many funerals. And the violence, the violence... There are no words.

There is music however and you have chosen wisely.

Peace, dear Padre, peace.

it's margaret said...

God bless you Padre.

I See You!

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