Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Don't Blame Me, Blame SomeNYGuy

SomeNYGuy in the comments at Sadly, No! has posted the following in reference to the Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate:
Breaking news: Obama’s vault-copy birth certificate has been found in a safety deposit box in the small Kenyan village of Oyga.
That’s right, the Oyga Vault.

And, Happy Birthday, Mr. President!!


Марко Фризия said...

What amazes me is the careful planning that went into this conspiracy 48 years ago. And they had the amazing foresight to know that Barack Obama would win the 2008 election. I personally think this whole birth certificate conspiracy project involved the assistance of extraterrestrial life forms, a vast, interstellar conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

and, it´s nice to know that some of the ¨birthers¨ all have something in common...they are members of ACNA, non-Anglican Communion which allows false witness and promotes thievery...

Velvet Van Bulow

Harry Allagree said...

Oy, ge-vey!!!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Go to Toujoursdan for an explanation of the hows!

It's fun ;=)

Mary Sue said...

Nice. Very nice.

Although I have been reveling in my third-party political membership lately, because it means I have the moral high ground to tell my friends sputtering about the birthers, "This is your political karma payback. For every time you argued Bush 'stole the election', you now have to listen to one birther argument."

And to birthers I get to say, "Oh, get over it, you tools."

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