Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today at Parroquia San Cristóbal

Today was the Closura, or graduation for this year's International Cooking Class. The Neighborhood Training Classes of Parroquia San Cristóbal offer classes to help people learn employable skills. We offer classes in cooking, sewing, Belleza (hair-dressing and make-up and manicures and pedicures; that kinda stuff), and even classes in making furniture from PVC pipe or corrugated cardboard.

The Cooking Classes have been doing some amazing stuff since Reinaldo Beckford started teaching them. They serve a several-course meal to their family and friends as part of the graduation. I give the invocation, hand out certificados to the instructors, and then eat!

Here are photos of today's event.

In the kitchen beforehand

Family and Friends

The Graduates

Profesor Beckford listens as a student thanks him for on behalf of the class

Just before we started handing out certificados, the heavens opened up and it poured! People had to move over towards the wall.

Folks receiving certificados

Reinaldo would tell a story about each person before they received their certificate

Our first beverage

Course 1 A soup tasting of fish with just a touch of cayenne pepper

Course 2 A pasta salad with raw mushrooms, some vegetables, pepperoni, and a dressing of sour cream with dill

Course 3 Rice with red and yellow bell peppers, spinach, and dill. Bacalao (salted codfish) in a paprika sauce, and pollo moruno, chicken marinated in spices and then grilled. It was very spicy!

Our second beverage


I guess it's tossed salad for dinner tonight!


motheramelia said...

I was looking for Sancocho (sp?) To me that's typically Panamanian. However, the food looks wonderful. I wouldn't mind a bit of that dessert right now. (Word verification=reavesse)

Padre Mickey said...

Mother Amelia, everybody in that class knows how to make sancocho. They want to learn something new. Reinaldo and I are trying to expand their gastronimic horizons.

motheramelia said...

That makes sense. I recently gave one of my brothers my mothers Panamanian cookbook, so I can't make it any longer. The book was written in the 40s for us gringos. It had some interesting recipes in it. Sounds like the students have good teachers. We are scheduled for rain like you described on Saturday as the next tropical storm passes off shore (hopefully).

Catherine said...

All looks fabulous, and those desserts--yum! Best of luck to the new chefs!

susan s. said...

It all looks delicious!

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