Monday, August 03, 2009


Wow! Two of my friends, Revdo. Silvestre Romero and Rev. John Kirkley, have been nominated for Bishop Sufferagan in the Diocese of Los Angeles!

I've known both Padre Silito and Father John when all three of us were lay persons.
I first met Padre Silito at St. Philip's when I worked with his father (now Bishop Romero) in the Summer Camp program for the Diocese of El Camino Real. I got to know him better when I was Deacon at St. Philip's, and have visited him and the congregation at times when we are in the U.S.

I met Father John when I was doing my field work at St. Mark's, Berkeley. The Lovely Mona and I were in a Foyer Group (a group which met for meals once a month) with John and Andrew. We baked the bread used at the Eucharist at the Blessing of their Union, or whatever we were calling it back then.

I think that both Padre Silito and Father John are great priests and will be fantastic bishops, and I congratulate both of them upon their nominations (I'm sure the other nominees are wonderful, too).

John and Silito and their families and the Diocese of Los Angeles are in our prayers, and I hope you all pray for them, too!

Revdo. Silvestre Enrique Romero

The Rev. John Kirkley


Grandmère Mimi said...

With your endorsement, Padre, maybe both your friends will be chosen.

Prayers for the elections in LA and Minnesota.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

What Grand'mère said!

susan s. said...

Yes, Padre, I was at St. Mark's too for the blessing. I was the soloista! It was the first blessing of a union in the Diocese of California. We had a big discernment process as a church and since we agreed that they should be able to be blessed Robbin and John and Andrew developed the service, remember?

Glad to see you back!

I See You!

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