Monday, March 22, 2010

Compare and Contrast

Protest of Persons Obsessed With Steeped Beverages in Washington D.C., on Saturday

Protest of Persons in support of Immigration Reform.

There were tens of thousands of people protesting the Iraq War throughout the U.S.A. on Saturday, too, but I haven't found an arial view yet.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

I can see the first photo reveals that all the spitting and filth spewing was done in a very concentrated area...I can see the complexion of the situation from here...these nasty idiots are going to start something they can´t finish...very scary stuff (but the ones with the biggest mouths will be hiding in the bomb shelters of their second homes).

Speaking of vile...did anyone other than me notice the spittle shooting out of the majority leader boehners mouth last night? I swear the whole Republican Party is now tainted with ignorance and selfishness.

David |Dah • veed| said...

Len, I think that he is the Minority Leader. Not that I am an expert in Statesonian politics.

OT -
Please pray for the repose of the souls of Master's degree candidate Jorge Antonio Mercado Alonso and Doctoral candidate Javier Francisco Arredondo Verdugo. They were students with promising futures who inadvertently stumbled into the crossfire of a gun battle between troops of the Mexican Army and local drug dealing gangbangers on local streets as they left the campus of El Tec de Monterrey for supper.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks David...of course he´s the Minority could I have blown that! Damn, last night I was sick of him and his speech (really a tainted effort in bold stupidity) that I was attempting to send a letter to his office! I would have telephoned the windbag/blowhard except I knew where he was and he wasn´t going to answer (besides why should I waste my cellphone money on him)!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Prayers ascending for Jorge Antonio Mercado Alonso and Javier Francisco Arredondo Verdugo, we too are seeing lots of wreckless/innocent murders...on and on it goes, very sad.

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