Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Random Top Ten

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. Babylon Is Fallen Down Cleve Chaffin & the McClung Brothers
2. Angus Dei (From an English Ladymass) Anonymous 4
3. Rondeau (J.S.Bach) The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra
4. Whine & Grine/Stand Down Margaret The Beat
5. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby Sam & Dave
6. Peaches The Stranglers
7. Disaster The Residents with Snakefinger
8. Golden Years David Bowie
9. Desde Que Despierto Juanes
10. The Weight The Staple Singers

This is one weird, eclectic list! The track by the Residents and Snakefinger is their version of nursery rhymes using musical toys. It's very odd, as one would expect. The Beat video is of an Older, Slower Beat, not lively like what I was listening to. I'm glad that The Weight was the last song, cuz according to Dance Party Rules we stop when it can't get any better, and it's hard to get better than Pop and Mavis Staples.

Waddaya listenin' to? Tell me all about it, even if you are someones gramma in Louisiana.


Dynamic Meter said...

Great List. I love the Staples Singers' version of "The Weight". My wife and I saw Levon Helm last night and they closed with an Amazing Version of "The Weight" and then "I shall Be Released."

PseudoPiskie said...

That's almost as weird as most of my lists. I finally posted last night.

BTW I value you as friends, on or off Facebook. Hugs.

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