Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh Noes!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Sarah Palin is attacked by a Mad Polar Bear and Todd just laughs and laughs and laughs!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Tell me when it´s over (I figure if I don´t look I won´t be responsible for any sinful thinking/wishing)...true, it´s a tad irresponsible of me and then there is the blatant ¨ommision¨ part...btw, have you seen the Palin as a ¨special consultant¨ on Faux News? No, I rarely watch it but I stumbled upon her live from wherever it is she thinks she is...really, this person thinks she knows *stuff* and the folks that thinks she knows *stuff* have to be very sick cookies! YIKES!

Effriam-Jody Veldez Cataflack
wv: velyze

MadPriest said...

Take that, climate doomsayers!
Global warming has its upside.

I See You!

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