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IARCA Press Release, 16 de Abril de 2010

Here's the English translation of the IARCA Press Release that la Revda. Glenda McQueen and I made yesterday.

The Rt. Rev. Amranod Guerra of Guatemala was elected Primate of the Anglican Church in the Region of Central America, known in Spanish as IARCA, during the IV Provincial Synod helod April 15 - 17, 2010, in Panamá.

Bishop Guerra, who is 60 years old, is married to Norma Elizabeth Romero; they have three children and three grandchildren. The new Primate takes office in the context of a new mission for IARCA.

This role includes maintaining communication with the rest of the Anglican Communion, working with the other bishops in the region and serving as an expression of the unity of the Church.

The new Primate's term of office is for a period of four years, according to the canons of the Church.

"Thank you for your support. This is a difficult task. A new era begins. . ." said Bishop Guerra, visibly emotional. At the same time he thanked God, the House of Bishops, and his family.

Bishop Julio Murray of Panamá was elected Vice-president of theHouse of Bishops and Bishop Hector Monterroso of Costa Rica continues as Executive Secretary of the Province.

Among the challenges the new Primate will have to take on is the Mission Consultation Report and its implementation. The report was worked on during the Synod and is the basis for several resolutions to strengthen IARCA´s mission.

IARCA is one of the 38 Provinces of the Anglican Communion, with some 25,000 members, and is multicultural, mutli-ethnic, and multilingual in character.

Bishop Guerra succeeds Bishop Martín Barahona of El Salvador, who was Primate for the past eight years.

The installation of Bishop Guerra as Primate of IARCA will take place on June 12. 2010, in Guatemala.

IARCA celebrates this meeting in the historic "Ciudad de Saber" or "City of Knowledge" in the former Canal Zone, in which the U.S.A. administered the Panama Canal. Currently this facility offers lodging and is the seat of programs of the United Nations and other organizations.

The new Primate received the congratulations of those present and was received by the house of Deputies with the singing of the Doxology, a traditional hymn of gratitude in the Anglican Communion.

Susana Barrera/Communications Officer of the Episcopal Church of El Salvador.
Translated by the Rev. Michael Dresbach and the Rev. Glenda McQueen.


Caminante said...

Yup más o menos la misma translation -- I have gotten accustomed to Susana's writing style.

WV: foodop, so where's the comida?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

THREE CHEERS! Let´s join in and look forward to the continued healthy spiritual fellowship of Anglicans in Central America with the leadership of Bishop Armando Guerra (whom I´ve not seen for many many years and he´s looking happy and full of good energy)!

I also posted my own version of WELCOME and FELCIDADES and THANK YOU at my blog (shall I link it? Ok, I will)

Thanks Padre Mickey, Lovely M and others for the wonderful coverage!

Leonardo Ricardo

Paul said...

Thank you so much for reporting on this. Without the human link through you and Caminante we would, most of us, know very little and learn even that late. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

Caminante said...

Clarification -- the bishop to the right is not Bishop Barahona. I think some might think so but this would be the bishop suffragan of Guatemala?

Padre Mickey said...

Yes, Caminante, the bishop on the right is one of the sufferagan bishops of Guatelmala.

I See You!

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